Tanning on the Job

job interview Until recently, if you wanted to get a tan at work without leaving the building, you'd sit outside on the patio, roof or balcony at lunch and turn your face skyward on a sunny day, hoping to catch a ray or two. Now you don't even have to leave your cubicle. There are actually companies that will schlep a portable tanning booth to your office and turn you golden in about 15 minutes -- if you have the courage to appear in front of your co-workers in a swimsuit.

Companies like Beach Bum Tanning, La Viva Glam and Gotham Glow of Manhattan have been the busy executive's clean little secret for some time now. They bring a collapsible tent the size of a phone booth to avoid bronzing surrounding walls, desks or office equipment, and a spray gun similar to a large airbrush. The whole system can be set up in a conference room, cubicle, storage room, lobby or bathroom -- just about anywhere there happens to be about five feet of clearance.

The cost is mostly from $100 to $125, but discounts can be arranged for regularly scheduled visits and multiple tanners in each office. Special features like (spray-on) six-pack abs are extra. Frantic execs with little time pay premium fees to have a mobile tanner meet them in hotels, restaurant and even airport bathrooms at any hour of the day or night. The tan dries almost immediately so you can put on your clothes and go right back to work; some clients say their tans can last up to 10 days.

Dante Fitzpatrick of Beach Bum told the New York Post that his mobile tanning began on fashion shoots, when he was called in the touch up the models on set. From there, editors started calling him in to their offices for their own purposes, and it began catching on with other executives.

Now, while it's not uncommon for a public relations company to call in the tanners so all their reps can be glowing at a major event, it's also popular with pasty white male executives who don't want to look like they spend all their time at their desks, even if they do.

Mobile in-home tanning has been popular for years, but tanning in the office is a relatively new phenomena. Now if they could just figure out a way to do it in a car or a cab on your way to work, they'd have just about every one covered.

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