Playfish Cash says goodbye with free gifts for players

Playfish Cash conversion game rewards
Playfish Cash conversion game rewards

Starting today, you can't buy or use Playfish Cash (PFC) any more. Due to a major deal Playfish signed last fall with Facebook, Playfish (as well as other social games companies) must switch its in-game premium currency to Facebook Credits by July 1st. Players who still have PFC will have to convert theirs into game-specific currency by June 30th. So if you play more than one Playfish game, now's the time to decide which one(s) you love the most.

While being forced to start divvying up your PFC nest egg can suck, the good news is that Playfish is offering virtual goodies to thank players for undergoing the transition. Seven Playfish games are making the switch: Restaurant City, Pet Society, FIFA Superstars, Madden NFL Superstars, Country Story, Hotel City, and My Empire. (Three of Playfish's other games have tagged for closure, and the two latest ones, Monopoly Millionaires and World Series Superstars, already use their own game-specific currency, which are Monopoly Gold and Baseball Cash, respectively.)

Players who have any questions about the change are encouraged to share their opinions at the "Game-Specific Currency" forum of the official Playfish forums.

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