Mystery Manor on Facebook: A getting started guide

6waves and Game Insight Mystery Manor on Facebook

Take your chances in the Mystery Manor or Facebook, developed by Game Insight. In this hidden object game you are trapped in the Mystery Manor and will need to search through the various rooms locating treasures and collectibles all while avoiding spooky, and sometimes perilous, forces. Use several different searching tools to increase your score, take on quests, complete collections, and play along with neighbors visiting their manors and helping them complete collections for cash and prizes while increasing your reputation as a good neighbor.

Mystery Manor logoGetting Started

  • Mystery Manor is played on Facebook and you will need to have an account to play. If you need to register for a free account click here -
  • Once you have a Facebook account you are ready to play and can click on the "Free - Play Now" button at the top of this page.
  • You will have to grant permission to the developer to access your basic information, send you emails, and post to your Facebook profile page and live feeds when you allow the game to do so.
  • You will be taken on a brief tutorial of how to maneuver around the game board and work through a basic hidden object scene.
  • The game has a lot of dialogue to read in between scenes. You can click on the text to close it if you're not interested in the storyline.
  • Game controls - Along the top right of the game screen there is an icon with a wrench on it. Click on this to toggle the game music and sounds on or off and to change the screen to low or high quality depending on your computer speed.
  • Full screen - The game is much easier in full screen and you can access at the top right of the game screen via the large green button with the four arrows on it.
  • Experience points - Experience points (XP) are earned by searching rooms, helping neighbors, completing collections, and purchasing items from the game store. These are what allow you to level up. The meter at the top center shows you your current level and how much XP you need to reach the next level.
  • Note - Before each hidden object scene you will be shown some of the storyline and given information about what collectibles may be in the scene and which phenomena may be affecting it. Be sure to read through these messages before you start each hidden object scene in a new room.
Mystery Manor Currency Bar
Mystery Manor Get Diamonds

Game Currency

  • There are two types of currency in Mystery Manor:
  • Gold coins - This is the basic game currency and what you earn when you find items, complete quests, and help neighbors.
  • Diamonds - Diamonds are the premium currency of the game and can be used to buy high end items, special game advantages, and meals to restore energy.
  • How to obtain more currency - You can purchase additional diamonds or gold coins by clicking on the "+" symbol next to the currency indicators at the top right of the game screen.
  • You can purchase additional diamonds or gold coins using a major credit card, PayPal, Facebook Credits and more.
Mystery Manor Energy Meter


  • Energy is used each time you search a hidden object scene and you are given a maximum of 30 energy points when you start the game.
  • The energy meter is located top center of the game screen and you can see a countdown clock which earns you one energy point each time it hits zero.
  • Each time you level up the maximum energy your meter can hold increases by 10 and you earn a complete energy meter refill each time you level up in the game.
  • If you run out of energy it will either regenerate over time at a rate of one energy point per three minutes.
  • How to obtain more energy - You can obtain energy points in a few ways. You can let it regenerate over time, ask neighbors to help you by sending gifts, or you can purchase meals with diamonds in the game store.
  • Note - "Energy" is what you use to search rooms in your game. "Strength" is what is used when you visit neighbors and help them. (See "Strength" below for more information.)
Mystery Manor Energy Meals Store


  • Meals can be purchased in the game store to restore your energy.
  • These meals can only be purchased with diamonds and range from a cup of coffee, which is a few energy points, to the largest meal that actually increases your energy maximum by 10 and refills your energy meter.
  • Click on the store button then look for the "Meals" tab to access this area.
  • Note - Meals do not increase your "Strength" used in neighbor visits. It is only used to restore energy levels for you to use in your manor.
Mystery Manor Quest Find a Saucer


  • There are ongoing quests that you will be able to complete for coins and XP rewards.
  • Click on the icon at the upper left side of the game screen to see your current quest.
  • You will have to do things such as finding specific items in rooms or clearing out a room a certain number of times.
  • As soon as one quest is completed you will have to click on the icon and then click on "Claim My Reward" as the game does not automatically notify you that you have finished the quest.
  • As soon as one quest has been completed and the reward claimed, a new one will appear in its place and the storyline will continue.
  • You can sometimes use diamonds to purchase items required of you in quests. Use your diamonds wisely because you will need them.
Mystery Manor Controls

How to Find Hidden Objects

  • You will start each game on the map of Mystery Manor. The first room is unlocked and you will unlock more rooms as you level up. Click on an open room to search it. Note that you may need to search more than one room.
  • Next you will see a message that contains some storyline and explains what items you can find that are collectibles in this particular scene. Be sure to look at these items closely and run your cursor over them to see a written description if you are not sure what the item is.
  • Once you enter the hidden object screen you will be playing in timed mode. You will see a countdown clock in the upper right hand corner of the game screen.
  • It is best to put the screen in full screen mode as some of the items are very tiny and hard to see.
  • Phenomena - As you level up there will be all kinds of obstacles or phenomena that make it harder for you to find items in a room. You can pay with diamonds to remove the phenomena or you can purchase charms, or special items to help you overcome them. Tools will be used to overcome most phenomena. (See "Phenomena" below for more detailed information.)
  • You will have a list in the upper right corner. In this list you will see either a text description or a silhouette of the item you need to find. As you level up other things will happen such as the words in the list may be scrambled or you may have to figure out a puzzle before you know what items to find.
  • Note - Before each hidden object scene starts you will be shown which collectibles may be found. These do not appear in the list to the right so you will have to remember these and there can be several at a time.
  • The scene has a large magnifying glass that sticks to your cursor and you will need this to enlarge the area and see the small detailed items. Note that in the center of the magnifying glass is a gold dot. Place this gold dot on the item you have found and then click your mouse button to lock in the choice.
  • If you correctly find an item you will see a coin fall and it will split into a coin, energy bolt, and experience star. Click on these if you can and if not they will add to your totals. Finding items equals extra money, energy, and experience points.
  • You must find all of the items before the timer runs out. And if you do not you will see a "Failed" message and will have to use more energy to try again.
  • Using tools - When you are stumped or you have a phenomena in place making it hard for you to complete the search you can use tools that are located under the text list of items to find on the right of the screen. Each tool has a different use and you will have to decide which ones to use in which scenes based on how you play and what kind of issues you encounter. (See "Tools/items to help you find objects" below for more details)
  • As you level up there will be more rooms with phenomena happening to them. Be sure to read about this in the "Phenomena" section of this guide.
Mystery Manor Tools Store

Tools and Items

  • Tools are used to help you find hidden objects in a scene and to fight off various phenomena that may be in place in a room.
  • You will need to either purchase tools or have them gifted to you by neighbors.
  • Tools are listed at the mid-right of the search screen. Click on them to use or add more.
  • Some tools can be purchased with gold coins and some only with diamonds. Click on the store icon and then on "Tools" at the tab along the top to locate them.

Types of Tools

  • Compass Tool - Mysteriously guides you to the item you are looking for. These can be purchased for one diamond each or you can purchase a 10 pack for nine diamonds.
  • Flashlight/Enhanced Flashlight - Lasts either 30 or 60 seconds and increases your light's range for use in dark screens
  • Time Freeze - Stops time for 40 seconds.
  • Enhanced Time Snail - Slows time for 60 seconds.
  • Gold Bomb - This causes five items on the find list to blow up.
  • Time Snail - Slows speed to half speed for 10 seconds.
  • The Flare - This lights up the entire room while it is in night mode for 30 seconds.
  • Enhanced Pointer - This lights up items that are on your list when you point at them for 60 seconds.
  • Pointer - This lights up items that are on your list when you point to them for 30 seconds.
Mystery Manor Floating Neighbors Help
Mystery Manor Help Locked in Neighbor

Floating Neighbors (Manor Map)

  • On your manor map you will see the names of people floating around the map and footprints that appear and disappear in a magical fashion. These are people on your friend list that are playing the game.
  • Click on one of these neighbors to initiate a bonus for helping them.
  • You will be taken to a hidden object scene where you are to find five hidden items and possible collectibles.
  • Once finished you can send energy to this neighbor or you can ask them to go with you, which means they will help you search the next room giving you the benefit of their level and experience. This can increase the odds of your finding collectibles or earning a higher score while searching a room.
  • When you accept this help an icon will appear to the right of the screen before the control buttons and list. You will also see bonuses and special items listed here when they go into effect.
Mystery Manor Darkness Phenomena


  • Each room in the manor will have various "Phenomena" that you have to get rid of or use tools to defeat. You will see the name of the phenomena when you place your cursor over the room such as "Evil Eye" or "Witches Curse"
  • You can instantly remove an annoying phenomenon by purchasing its removal with diamonds or you can clear the room which may eventually stop it.
  • Phenomenons might include a dark rooms in which you have to use a flashlight, or you may have a curse where time moves faster than what the clock tells you and you will need to purchase a snail charm to counteract it for a few seconds.
  • There are many different phenomena in the game and it can be very expensive to purchase the release of it. So use your diamonds sparingly and save them for the higher levels where you will need to get rid of these to proceed.
Mystery Manor Charms Store


  • Charms are used for special benefits in the game as you search rooms. They increase your luck and odds of finding items, give you more time, and increase the odds collectibles will be in a room you search.
  • You may also be able to increase your odds of finding items for a specific number of hours or you could speed up your energy restore rate or the percentage of experience you will earn while searching.
  • Visit the game store and click on the "Charms" tab to access the various charms and note that some can be purchased with gold coins and some with diamonds.
  • Most charms are only available for purchase once you reach a certain level and unlock them.
Mystery Manor store Special Items

Special Items

  • Special items are available in the store which when purchased give you all kinds of advantages when searching scenes in a room and removing the annoying phenomena.
  • Some of the items reverse actions in rooms and some of the items are used for entry into specific rooms.
  • You can purchase treasure chests which instantly give you six random collectible items so you do not have to search for these. The more expensive the chest the more likely you are to get rare collectibles.
  • Click on the store button then on "Special" to access two pages of these items and be sure to check back daily for more.
Mystery Manor Collections


  • Collections are kept in "Mr. X's" mystical chest and you can access it by clicking on the collections button at the upper right corner of the game screen.
  • There are currently 38 collections each requiring you find five items available to complete. (The number of collections will likely increase with future game upgrades.)
  • Each room you search will have potential collectibles in it and you will be shown which ones in a message before you start each hidden object scene. Sometimes a room will not have collectibles in it and it is random with the placement of these items so you may have to search a room many times before you run across them.
  • You are only given five minutes to search a location and the faster you find the items the more money and experience you will earn. You have to make sure you keep in mind that collectibles need to be found but can not take up a lot of time. Once you find the final item on the list the scene will close and you will not be able to look for collectibles so keep this in mind before you click on the last item.
  • Once in the hidden object scene look for these items before you find you final item on your list. If you find any collectibles click on them and they will be added to your collections area.
  • Once you have all five required items in a collection you will also have to have the correct number of collectibles required to charge the box. Once this is done you will earn a coin and/or experience point reward as well as a special item to be used in the game.
  • You can click on the collections button at the upper right corner and the box will appear with all items shown along with the gift that can be earned by completing that collection.
  • Note - It appears at this time that collections can be completed only once.
  • Wishlist - Along the top of the collection box you will notice a wishlist. Click on the little icon that looks like paper with a plus sign to add this item to your wishlist. Now others can gift this item to you and help you complete collections you are having difficulty finding things for.
Mystery Manor Wishlist

  • Gifting wishlist item to your neighbor - When you place the cursor over any of your neighbors along the bottom of the game screen you will notice that their wishlist expands immediately and you can see what they need and if you have any of these items to gift to them. Your neighbors will also be able to see your wishlist and if they send you an item on it, it will disappear from your list so be sure to keep your list updated.
  • Be sure to help your neighbors so they will return the favor.
  • Mystery gifts - Please encourage friends to send you a mystery gift as their free gift of the day to send to you. These very often contain collectibles and will keep you from having to search rooms several times to find them.
Mystery Manor Reputation Meter


  • Each time you visit a neighbor you increase your reputation level. Hearts represent reputation in the game. There is a meter in the upper left corner under the experience meter that shows you how many reputation points you have earned.
  • You are only allowed to collect a daily neighbor visit bonus once the first time you play the game and each time you play you increase your reputation a little more and will be allowed to collect more daily visit bonuses. You will still be allowed to help your neighbors and collect reputation points and gold for doing so. (See "Visiting and Helping Neighbors" for more information.)
  • When you look at a neighbor in the menu at the bottom of the screen look at the star to see their level and the heart to see their reputation rating. The higher the number, the more visits that person does daily.
  • When you have a higher reputation level you are able to do more things for your neighbors each day such as leave hints.
Mystery Manor Neighbor Menu Options

Visiting and Helping Neighbors

  • Along the bottom of the game screen you will see your neighbors. These are people already playing the game that are on your Facebook friend list. The star indicates their level in the game and the number in the heart indicates their reputation rating.
  • If you invite more friends you will have to wait for them to accept before they appear on your list. You can only invite people on your Facebook friend list.
  • Use your cursor and place it on a neighbor's icon at the bottom of the screen. You will see three buttons and if they have any items on their wishlist it will expand upward and you have the option to send them one of these items if you have it to spare in your inventory.
  • Visit - Click here to visit your neighbor.
  • Profile - This will open your friend's Facebook profile page in another browser window.
  • Gift - Click here to send this particular neighbor a free gift.

Mystery Manor Neighbor Visit Bonus

  • Helping neighbors - Once you are in your neighbor's mansion based on your current reputation rating you will earn a reward of 50 experience points and 100 gold coins.
  • Note - The first time you play the game you will only be able to collect this bonus from one neighbor. The more people you visit and help, the more reputation points you will earn. This will increase the number of neighbors you can collect these daily visit bonuses from each day.
  • Next, you will see your name floating around your neighbor's mansion map along with others that have visited this friend.
  • You can help your neighbor a certain number of times, which begins at a minimum of five. This is seen in the upper left corner as a blue icon with a hand on it. The number you see in this button is the number of times you can help this neighbor. As your reputation level increases you will be able to help more times.

Mystery Manor Helping Neighbors

  • How to help - Look for rooms with the downward facing orange arrows and click on them. You will leave hints in these rooms for your neighbor and a heart and a coin will appear. Click on these hearts and coins to collect. Each heart you click on goes into your reputation meter, which increases the number of neighbors you can collect the daily bonuses from when you visit. You will need to work hard to get this bonus from many neighbors.
  • You will be able to see a detailed listing of your neighbor's game stats to the far right of the game screen.
  • Once you are finished, you are given the option to post a notification on your neighbor's Facebook profile. If you do not want to do this simply close the message.
  • To return home look for the house button at the bottom left corner of the game screen.
Mystery Manor Strength Indicator


  • Strength is used each time you visit a neighbor and you are given a maximum of 25 strength points when you start the game.
  • Each time you level up the maximum strength your meter can hold increases by 10 and you earn a complete strength meter refill each time you level up in the game.
  • Each time you give your friend hints you will spend 10 strength points.
  • If you run out of strength it will either regenerate over time at a rate of one strength point every three minutes. You will not be able to visit neighbors until you have enough strength points to help them out.
  • How to obtain more strength - You can only obtain strength points by waiting until it regenerates at a rate of one point per three minutes.
  • Note - "Energy" is what you use when you are home playing in your own mansion. "Strength is used for neighbor visits only. If you purchase a meal it will upgrade your energy at home not your strength meter.

Mystery Manor Sending Gifts

Sending/Receiving Daily Free Gifts

  • Sending gifts - You will be allowed to send one free gift to 50 of your friends per day. At first this amount may be less and you will build up to the maximum of 50 friends per day that you can initiate sending a gift to.
  • If a friend requests that you send them a certain gift or collectible you will be able to do that by clicking on "Gift" in the neighbor menu, send free gift at the top of the game, or returning the favor when you accept a gift in the gift area.
Mystery Manor Messages

  • Claiming your gifts - When gifts are sent to you a notification will appear in the messages area when you load the game. You will be shown who sent you the gift and what it is. Click on "Take" and the gift will be found laying on the manor map when you first visit it. Click on the item and it will be placed in your inventory for future use. Click on "Send Gift" to immediately send an item back to your neighbor.
  • Click on the inventory box when you are ready to use the gift item.
  • Be sure to send return gifts to your neighbors whenever possible so the gifting relationship will benefit both of you.
  • Tip - Mystery boxes are a great gift to send as they have collectibles in them hat can really help you out.

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