More Than 100 Tenants Evicted Due to Mold


Nearly 100 tenants of an apartment complex in Lexington, Ky., are being evicted by a new owner who says many of the units are unsafe because of mold and plumbing problems.

The Sonnet Cove Apartments, which had fallen into foreclosure unbeknown to many residents, were purchased March 29 by Lakeshore Apartments Associates, LLC, which had plans to upgrade the rental units, however, in a statement its management said, "Unfortunately, due to the scope of the work, repairs cannot be performed while the units are occupied."

Back in July 2005 a resident with the user name kymom302003 notes how far back the problem dates. On she wrote: "We have lived in these apartments since 2004 and I will tell you this: It stinks here, literally. I have asthma and the mold here is absolutely horrid. Maintenance sucks!!! I hate this place I really do I don't even want to come home after work." Needless to say, her recommended rating to potential renters was, "No."

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