JamLegend closes its doors this month; Zynga acquires its talent


JamLegend, a music-games startup was shut down today after three years of trying to compete with the heavy hitters in the music-game genre like Rock Band and Guitar Hero. According to Tech Crunch, the company's employees were headed into new ventures, and it looks like the name of that new venture is Zynga.

Social game giant Zynga has acquired the JamLegend team in a talent acquisition for an unknown sum of money. There's no news yet as to which of Zynga's offices the crew will be heading to, but we can only help to start the rumor mill early with this one. Could Zynga's acquisition of folks skilled in music games mean that they are going to try developing a music game of their own on Facebook? Sure, Zynga's accumulated enough talent over the years to create any number of new and unique games on the platform, but I would be particularly interested in how Zynga would handle a game that very well may be all about sound, rather than the visuals.

We'll make sure to let you know what comes of this acquisition as we know more, so keep checking back.

Should Zynga try making their own version of games like NightClub City? Or is the music-genre one area you don't think they're capable of breaking into? Let us know in the comments.