FarmVille: Watering Can bug fixed; no more missing pop-ups

A fairly substantial bug (or perhaps it would be better called a weakness, rather than a bug) hit FarmVille with the release of the new streamlined ability to use building ingredients and Watering Cans from your gift box - that being an issue particularly with Watering Cans, that would see the three pop-ups associated with growing a single tree not appearing in the game if you used Watering Cans too quickly.

While most users would likely be thrilled with less pop-ups, in these cases, these pop-ups allow you earn more Watering Cans, and even share a free version of your new tree when it's fully grown - two things that most users like and will voluntary post in mass to their news feeds. Zynga has fixed this issue now, however, apparently allowing you to use Watering Cans as fast as your little clicking finger can muster, all while being able to share in the experience with your friends just as you did before.

Have you noticed any other bugs that showed up with the release of quicker building material usage? Let us know in the comments.
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