FarmVille Animal Sneak Peek: Bunny Sheep, New Forest Pony, White Duckling and more

We've come across images of four new animals that will be launching in FarmVille in the near future, with one of these animals being part of the upcoming Easter celebration in the game. This animal is the Bunny Sheep, and while Sheep breeders might not get much out of this new animals (as it is all white, after all), those who simply like collecting sheep, regardless of their color, shouldn't be disappointed.

The other three animals are the New Forest Pony, New Forest Pony Foal (of course bred from Pony in the Horse Stable), and the White Duckling. We're not sure if this White Duckling will simply be added to the Duck Pond feature on the fly, or if he will be released along with some new adult ducks to increase our interaction with the cute little fella, but we'll make sure to let you know what happens officially when the time comes.

What do you think will happen when the White Duckling launches? Will he turn into new types of Ducks, or will he just fall in line with the Brown and Yellow ducklings already available in the game? Let us know in the comments.