Capcom makes a Beeline for mobile social gaming with new branding

Beeline Interactive
Beeline Interactive

Yes, we mean that both literally and figuratively. Capcom, creator of the popular Smurfs Village game for iPhone, has opened a new smartphone development division, Beeline Interactive, Gamasutra reports. Not only will Beeline oversee all smartphone game design from here on out, but all of Capcom's existing smartphone subsidiaries will also take on the Beeline name.

Basically, the company is looking to make good on its already successful social smartphone games like Smurfs Village by laser focusing their development in North America through a new brand. Don't worry, this could be a good thing.

For one, it means more games where Smurfs Village came from, developed right here in the good old U.S. of A. "Growth of the smartphone platform is driven primarily by the popularity of social games, which account for about half of the smartphone game market," Capcom said in a statement. In other words, social games are where the money is at, and Capcom--er--Beeline will be right there to throw the cash in its burlap sack.

[Image Credit: Gamasutra]

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