Zynga survey reveals possible FrontierVille mounts, cast your vote

FrontierVille Horses
Getting bored of your mighty steed in FrontierVille? Perhaps it simply doesn't compare with the vast selection of a certain fantasy MMO (ahem, World of Warcraft). Zynga seems to be out to rectify that, according to another of its mysterious surveys that appear unannounced on its various games' pages. The survey, which you can fill out here, asks, "If you were given any of the choices below as mounts in race around your homestead what animals would you select?" You have three choices total between options including Ostriches, Desert Tortoises and even Cougars, so try to consider the potentially awesome (or horribly boring) results of your choices. No pressure, but seriously, who wouldn't want to ride on a giant turtle?

Which of these potential mounts is most appealing to you? Aside from mounts, what content would you like to see in FrontierVille more than anything? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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