PopCap cashes in on Facebook games - are more on the way?

PopCap Games, the popular developer behind Bejeweled Blitz and Zuma Blitz on Facebook, has announced its revenue for 2010, stating that the company earned $100 million, with 14% of that coming from the online sphere, while PC downloads and mobile games accounted for 38% and 34% of their revenue, respectively.

Chief Executive David Roberts gave a presentation that claimed that most of that 14% of online revenue came from Facebook, which leaves us to wonder what the future holds for one of the industry's most polished companies. Could more "blitz" versions of popular PopCap games be in the works? Bookworm Blitz? Peggle Blitz? A reworked version of Plants vs Zombies where users help outfit each other's armies? I could make cases for all of these games and more, but for right now, we'll just have to be satisfied breaking marbles or matching gems, as PopCap works out what they'll do with their Facebook revenue, and how to expand on it in the future.

[Via Inside Social Games]

Which of PopCap's games would you most like to see given a social game spin on Facebook? Were you part of PopCap's Facebook earnings last year? Let us know in the comments.