New Playfish GM Aaron Loeb: '[Social games are] just not going away'

Aaron Loeb Playfish
Aaron Loeb Playfish

The next console developer to join the ranks of the Facebook game regime, Aaron Loeb--formally of Planet Moon Studios, now of Playfish--said to Gamasutra, "People might look at the Facebook games right now and say, 'I can't imagine that's what people will be doing 20 years from now, ergo this will never last and it's a bubble.'" Loeb, now the general manager of Playfish in San Francisco, claims to have never been on the traditional developers to roll their eyes in response to the social gaming movement.

In fact, Loeb said, "It's just not going away," he says. "In fact it's only going to get stronger and better, and games are always at the forefront of how new technologies expand. We have no idea how huge this stuff can get, and it's going to be unbelievably important to the growth of companies, and to the growth of the industry." In other words, advanced social gaming is bound to expand into more devices and become simply commonplace.

Loeb went on in the interview to explain his strengths honed in his days of console development and how he plans to apply them to new position. Team building is his game, and he's bringing it to Playfish. More important is how confident he claims to have been in social game development while working with consoles. Most traditional developers we hear are crying foul. Perhaps time for lashing out at social games is nearly over, and now the movement boons? Let's hope, because it's about time.

How do you think Loeb will fare at Playfish? Do you think the time for the movement to, well, move forward is here? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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