Lunchtime Poll: Facebook's big plans to cash in on your private info - do you care?

facebook plans to cash in on your personal info
facebook plans to cash in on your personal info

It's no secret -- if you play games on Facebook, you've signed up for a profile and agreed -- to some degree or other -- to share your private data with the world, including the powers that be at the social network.

So far, that might not seem like a big deal -- after all, signing up for Facebook has given you access some of the world's most popular free entertainment, such as games like FarmVille and the like. This weekend, however, an LA Times article warns that Facebook is now planning to cash in -- in a big way -- by getting more aggressive about selling ads against your personal data as the company prepares to go public in the not-too-distant future.

I'm not talking about standard profile items like your age or your location, but sell ads against things that you write about in updates or based on things that you 'like' on your fellow Facebookers pages.