High Gas Prices Cause Job Loss: How to Save Yours

Gas Prices Those high gas prices may not just be hurting your budget -- they could cost you your job. A recent survey showed that more than 64 percent of small business owners say revenue is down as a result of increased gas prices, and more than a quarter of those polled say they will have to lay off employees, if things don't change soon.

That's according to a survey conducted by DollarDays.com, an Internet-based product wholesaler to small businesses and local distributors. Those polled say that 58 percent or their customers are driving less, which means fewer shopping excursions and more online buying. They say they expect it to worsen with the upcoming summer months.

"Unfortunately, this is what we expected from this poll," says Marc Joseph, president and CEO of DollarDays. "With the recession and increasing fuel and food prices, being a successful small business owner is incredibly tough." The survey also showed that only 10 percent of small business owners are offering financial supplements to help their employees as a result of increased gas prices.

One way for employees to keep their jobs and help their employers keep their doors open, is to find a way for the business to offer goods or services online. "The Internet is a life line for small business," says Joseph, whose company offers advice, programs and tools for opening an online store and develop a sustainable web presence.

What have you got to lose? You might as well be proactive, and look into how you can help enhance your employer's online presence. "The only loss is in not trying," according to Joseph.

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