FarmVille Mystery Game (04/17/11): Exclusive animals for 20 Farm Cash each


This week's FarmVille Mystery Game has been updated with a series of six new (and need I say exclusive?) animals that are available to win at random. There isn't really a true theme here, other than the fact that there are only animals to win this week, and you'll likely recognize the lot of them from one of our recent FarmVille Sneak Peeks.

This week's Mystery Game costs 20 Farm Cash to play, per dart, but remember, if you redeem a Zynga Game Card, you'll receive darts for free, allowing you to save your new Farm Cash. Here are the prizes you can win:

Black Shire Horse
Burrowing Owl
California Condor
Mountain Goata
Sonoran Pronghorn Deer

Remember, if you're lucky enough to receive the Black Shire Horse, your friends will also be winners (at least some of them), as you'll have a chance to breed the Black Shire Horse in your Horse Stable to receive a Black Shire Foal. You'll need to play the game fast, though, as of course this game will only be available for the next week, at which point the selection of prizes will change.

Which animal are you most hoping to win this week? Or, if none of these animals interest you, what are you going to spend your Farm Cash on instead? Let us know in the comments.

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