FarmVille LE English Countryside Trees: Oak Tree & Yew Tree


It's another Sunday night, and that means another update has launched in the fields of FarmVille. This time, we see Zynga releasing two additional trees in the current limited edition English Countryside item theme. The two trees are the Oak Tree and the Yew Tree, with the Yew Tree being the cheaper of the two (and also the more interesting tree, at least visually, in my humble opinion).

The Yew Tree costs 5 Farm Cash to add to your farm, while the Oak Tree costs 10 Farm Cash. As usual, you can skip purchasing the Oak Tree if you'd like to simply purchase the Yew Tree and then spawn an Oak from a Mystery Seedling. You can also look out for friends' wall posts that may allow you to randomly receive an Oak Tree as well. Remember, with the new ability to use building ingredients, and even Watering Cans, incredibly fast, there's no reason not to try and grow one of these for yourself and save a few Horseshoes!

These two trees will be in the game's store for the next two weeks.

What do you think of these two trees? Do you wish that the Oak were the cheaper of the two, since it's more recognizable in name? Let us know in the comments.

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