FarmVille LE English Countryside Buildings: Gatehouse, King Castle & Blacksmith


Three new buildings are available to purchase in FarmVille this evening, with these three buildings falling into the current limited edition English Countryside item theme. These three items all fall into the medieval or "King Arthur" sub-theme that launched this evening, as they will help you to build not only your castle, but also add a building to your kingdom of imaginary villagers.

The three buildings are the Gatehouse, King Castle and the Blacksmith shop. Unfortunately, both the Gatehouse and the King Castle cost Farm Cash, at 20 and 40 Farm Cash each, respectively. The King Castle is a downright massive building, however, which fits its noble nature, and seems to explain some of the high price tag. Meanwhile, the Blacksmith building costs 200,000 coins, and is itself a small building, barely larger than your in-game avatar. Still, the details are nice and the item is just downright adorable, if I do say so myself, so I suppose I can justify the price.