FarmVille LE English Countryside Animals: King Horse, Robin Duck, Pastel Green Ewe & More


A whopping five new animals were introduced to FarmVille this evening, with four of these being available to purchase in the store. Technically, all four of these animals are available to purchase for both your English Countryside farmbut only two can be purchased for the Home Farm. Why? Simple: two of these animals are Ewes, which are currently locked to the Sheep-Breeding centric English Countryside.

To be specific, the King Horse and the Robin Duck are available for both of your farms, at a price of 26 Farm Cash for the horse and 16 Farm Cash for the Duck. If you'd rather expand your rainbow of multi-colored sheep, you can purchase the Pastel Green Ewe or the Pastel Purple Ewe for 20 Farm Cash each instead. Interestingly, even if you choose to purchase the sheep, which cost more than the Robin Duck, you'll only receive a laughable 5 experience points for your purchase. Perhaps this is because Zynga knows that users have more incentive to purchase these Ewes either way, but it's still something to keep in mind if you're looking to quickly level up.