FarmVille: Royal Hops no longer listed as English Countryside crop


A short time ago, we brought you some FarmVilletips and tricks on how to grow Royal Hops - then an English Countryside-specific crop - back on your Home Farm. It seems as though Zynga might have planned for that to happen all along, however, as we've discovered that the Royal Hops crop now appears in both markets without any markings related to the English Countryside.

This means that users don't have to worry about crop licenses, and can freely grow Royal Hops on both of their farms, lessening the time it takes to master the crop by up to half. If you're someone that loves mastering all new crops, your strategy now is simple: Grow Royal Hops on both of your farms in mass quantities. Use bushels when harvesting both and voila! Four times the crop growth in just one ten-hour stretch!

We'll make sure to keep an eye on the store, and will let you know if more English Countryside crops receive a free pass to be planted on the Home Farm.

Have you already mastered Royal Hops, or will you now grow them on both farms to master them that much quicker? Let us know in the comments.