Build the resort of your dreams in Resortico, an HTML5 game coming soon to Facebook

The people behind Resortico, a new resort-building simulation game on Facebook, are happy to announce that not only is there game almost ready for launch, but that since the game is fully built in HTML5, you won't just be restricted to playing the game on your desktop computer or netbook. The game's HTML5 support means you'll be able to play the game anywhere, even on an iPad, without having to download an app specifically built for iOS (think FarmVille on iPhone for a comparison).

So far, the game's Facebook page only has the above teaser trailer, showing us that we'll be able to harvest palm trees (presumably for coconuts), and will be able to built huts, a lobster shack, a set of buildings that appear to be outhouses, and so on. You'll be able to move items on the fly, send items and otherwise interact with your friends, and purchase a premium currency which looks to be called "Shells."

It will definitely be interesting to see how Resortico takes off (or doesn't) once it launches. HTML5 is one of the fastest growing, and most exciting things in game development, in my humble opinion, as it allows players true freedom from traditional gameplay methods, allowing us to play our games whenever, and wherever we want. Who knows, if Resortico is a smashing success, maybe big players like Zynga will follow suit, allowing us to play future games on our iPads without the need for an app. Oh what a great day that will be.

Will you try Resortico once it launches on Facebook, or are you more excited for the potential to play Facebook game on your iPad without downloading apps? Let us know in the comments. Add comment.
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