Mom who played Cafe World while son drowned receives 10 year sentence


Back in January, we brought you the sad story of Shannon Johnson, a mother from Colorado who neglected her 13-month-old baby, leaving him in the tub alone while she played Cafe World and multitasked on Facebook. The baby was found lying sideways with his face under the water and couldn't be saved.

In March, Johnson pleaded guilty to the negligent death of her son. The charge can carry a sentence of up to 12 yeas in prison, but she was sentenced to just 10 years this past Friday. Technically, her crime could have been sentenced in a different manner, allowing her to escape prison time altogether, but according to the Associated Press, authorities turned down this option as to not downplay the serious nature of her crime.

Johnson has also been sentenced to five years of mandatory parole after she is ultimately released.

Do you think Cafe World is to blame for this tragedy? Should the mother have been sentenced to more time? Share your thoughts in the comments.