FarmVille Sneak Peek: Storage menu update coming soon

While the Gift Box update that's coming to FarmVille is enough to satisfy most users (including myself) for quite some time, there is another, even more archaic system currently in place in the game that few would argue against changing. That system is the Storage menu, which lets you scroll through page after page (after page...) of decorative items and buildings, without holding your place, so you have to scroll through all of those pages again to find a subsequent item.

Needless to say, this all makes redecorating your farm for a holiday or "just because" a lot of hard work, and very time consuming. Apparently, though, just as an update is coming to the game's Gift Box, so too is a massive overhaul coming to the Storage menu. It's about time, I say! Just check out the image above, and you'll see everything we expect to launch. It looks as though there will be a way to look at both items stored on your Home Farm and your second farm via tabs at the very top, you'll be able to search for a particular item, and perhaps most importantly, you'll be able to sort your items by category, whether that item is a building, decoration and so on.

While it's likely that the Tree and Animal tabs in this placeholder image are just that - placeholders that will be changed in the final product - I personally think it would be great if we could store such items for future use. After all, this would allow you to store any trees related to a specific holiday, so that when you pull them back out, they're all the more special as you see them again as if for the first time.

Also, it's possible that an expansion to your total Storage capacity may also launch, as there is a button here dedicated to expanding your storage amount. Hopefully, Zynga has finally learned that unlimited storage is best, even if we have to work at it. It would make users purchase more items (even with Farm Cash) in the long run, if they knew they would have a place to safely store them, and not having an infinite inventory limit is simply an outdated, and unneeded limitation at this point, but maybe that opinion is just my own - what do you think?

[Image Credit: FarmVille Feed]

Either way, we'll make sure to keep an eye on this exciting update as it gets closer to launch. Let us know what you think of these new Storage menu options in the comments. Would you purchase more decorations if there wasn't an item limit?
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