FarmVille Avatar Clothing Sneak Peek: Royal Guard Costume & Butler Outfit


Two new costumes will be available in FarmVille in the near future, with both of these looking to come in the English Countryside limited edition item theme. Hey guys - if you've been feeling left out after the release of tea party dresses in the game, this will be your chance to jump into the theme, as both of these outfits are decidedly male.

The first is the Royal Guard Costume, while the second is a Butler's Outfit. Both of these costumes will likely cost Farm Cash, and we can see the Royal Guard Costume (if it does indeed include the hat) easily costing upwards of 10 Farm Cash. Though, Zynga may surprise us and price them cheaper, but I wouldn't hold my breath for that.

Are you looking forward to dressing your FarmVille avatar as a Royal Guard or Butler? Which costume will you purchase? Let us know in the comments.