Family Village mixes personal genealogy and the Sims in new game coming soon to Facebook


If you've ever wanted to play a game with your great-great-great-great-great grandparents, Family Village, an upcoming city-building game on Facebook, will allow you to do just that. Produced by Funium, Family Village will allow players to actually import their ancestors into a city with gameplay inspired by the Sims.

Your family members will be able to go to work, and interact with each other just like in the real world. As reported by the Salt Lake Tribune, Funium chief executive Jeff Wells says that "the vision of the game is to help people who play it to understand that we are all a part of one great world family."

The game will start players out by building a village, where you can then import your ancestors by creating individual avatars for each family member. Those family members are then allowed to have their own homes, have their own jobs, and buy items based on the timeline in which they lived in the real world. For example, if your great-grandparents are imported into the game, they could be seen driving around the town in a Model T.