CityVille: Build a Doggie Daycare to pamper man's best friend


A new community building is now available to build in CityVille in the form of a Doggie Daycare. You'll be able to build this building from the game's Build Menu, after purchasing it for 14,000 coins. It adds a boost of 360 citizens to your total population limit, and it's actually a fairly small item, if space is a concern in your city. The building takes up just a 3x3 square area of land.

The frame of the Doggie Daycare takes six whacks to construct (so, six energy in total), and afterwards, you'll need to assemble a crew of staff to work with your loveable pups by recruiting them via individual gift requests. You'll need to have seven staff in total, but remember, Samantha may pop up as two of those positions for you "for free," leaving you to find just the remaining five. You can also fill each position manually by paying 4 City Cash each.

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Will you build a Doggie Daycare in your town in CityVille, or are you more concerned with expanding your city, rather than adding new buildings? Let us know in the comments.

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