Real Estate Agent Loses License for Not Presenting Offer

Ever wonder why if that property is such a great buy how come your real estate agent didn't just snatch it up? Well, sometimes agents do buy properties for various reasons, and they are looking for a deal just like everyone else. But when it comes to undercutting their own clients there can be repercussions. Just ask seller Carol Price of Denver and buyer Dominick Marchica (pictured) of Tampa Bay, Fla.

Price contracted with Realtor Mark Dyson to sell her dance clothing store before it went into foreclosure. Although there was at least one offer on the place for $268,000, Dyson never presented it to Price. Instead the place fell into foreclosure and Dyson purchased it himself on the auction block, and then flipped it for $265,000 to the man who had made the original offer.

"I should have presented the offer, that was my mistake," Dyson told 9Wants to Know, an NBC affiliate in Colorado.