Nicolas Sarkozy Imposes Flight Ban Over Wife's Seaside Villa

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Pilots had better not fly over Carla Bruni-Sarkozy's Riviera retreat, or they will pay the price. A decree by French President Nicolas Sarkozy bans planes from flying below 3,000 feet above his wife's villa.

Pilots who violate the ban will face fines of up to 40,000 euros ($57,800) or six months in prison, "The Telegraph" reports.

The ban is in effect from April 8 through 26 while the president and his wife are on Easter vacation at Bruni-Sarkozy's beachside residence in Cap-Negre, Lavandou; the President, however, is not expected to stay the full time.

This isn't the first such move made by Sarkozy.

In 2008 a no-fly zone was imposed over Cap-Negre that coincided with the couple's nuptials.

And, last summer the Sarkozys agitated locals by closing down beaches and a coastal path in the Lavandou area near St Tropez during a vacation. Residents and vacationers were told the closures were due to falling rocks.

Sarkozy is expected to again summer in Cap-Negre after he asked the entire French government to abstain from taking international vacations.

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