Museum Displays Man's Collection of Airsick Bags

Some tourists like to collect postcards or commemorative spoons, but not one Australian man: he collects airsick bags.

On display at the Museum of the Riverina in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, are more than 200 barf bags Danny Cahalan has collected over the last 20 years.

The Sydney resident tells an Australian newspaper that he began collecting the bags in 1988 when he kept one as a memento of a Paraguayan Airlines flight from Asuncion to Miami.

"I always dreamed of displaying them one day in a museum or gallery as people are genuinely interested," Cahalan said, reports the paper.

The exhibit, aptly named "Fully Sick!" is on display through May 15 and showcases some surprisingly hip sick bags. There's a limited edition Star Wars bag by Virgin Atlantic and many eye-popping designs from Air India, KLM, Emirates and Air Afrique, among others.

In addition to the good, there's the bad. Cahalan says that the worst design he's seen is the "sic-sac," a 1970s bag, which is inside an envelope, adding an extra step for anyone who might need the bag in a hurry.

The Australian is not the only person who is a bit obsessed with airline sickness bags. Massachusetts resident Steven Silberberg runs a virtual museum online, where visitors can browse through a picture gallery of more than 2,200 airsick bags.

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