Jodie Foster Lists Beverly Hills Home for $10M

jodie fosterJodie Foster just listed for $9.975 million her gorgeous, but quaint Beverly Hills, Calif., home. Don't listen to those bloggers here and there who are calling this 7-bedroom, 8-bath home a teardown or a fixer-upper just because the listing description says, "Build your dream estate on this lush park like setting." See the interior photos in our gallery and decide for yourself.

From the brick-paved entry way through to the custom built-ins in almost every room and out the three-story arched wall of windows, this 1949-built ivy-covered home has obviously been remodeled and should not be torn down. However, the floral cloth covering on the ceiling of the laundry room is the one obvious flaw and probably should be stripped.

The Academy Award-winner paid $8.1 million in 2005 for the Cape Cod-style ranch that she bought from famed plastic surgeon Norman Leaf (and his wife Judith) who wrote True Tales of Plastic Surgery From Beverly Hills.
We don't know whether it was this Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane star or the doctor who gave the home its facelift, but the Real Estalker reported that one of Your Mama's informants snitched that Foster was engaged in a remodel years ago.

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Jodie Foster Lists Beverly Hills Home for $10M

The brick-paved patio has an outdoor kitchen overlooking the pool, while the main kitchen is L-shaped. An open family room, or great room, with pitched ceiling has an intricately carved fireplace with built-in shelving, while the large living room has a stone fireplace. The library/media room, with wet bar, is wood-paneled from floor-to-ceiling in a very upscale, elegant fashion. There is a mirrored exercise room, a glass-enclosed shower in a marble-floored bath, and windows, windows, windows everywhere, including skylights. The home is listed by Hilton & Hyland.

At 5,484 square feet and the generous size of each room in the home, it's hard to believe that there are 7 bedrooms in this place, so presumably there is a 2-bedroom guest house somewhere on the 1-acre lot.

The 48-year-old Foster has owned this home ever since July 2005 when her youngest son was a preschooler and her oldest was a first-grader. The boys, Kit and Charles, are now ages 9 and 12, respectively, and their touch is seen on the blue and red drawer knobs of a built-in dresser in one of the bedrooms.

Although the Yale honors graduate never really knew her own dad, a wealthy real estate broker, because her parents divorced before she was born, her sons were being raised with two parents in the home until Foster split in 2008 from her 14-year relationship with Cydney Bernard, who was mostly a stay-at-home mom to the children Foster gave birth to.

"When I had my kids, I was burnt out on the film business again and wondering if this new identity as a parent was going to be fulfilling enough," she told Parade magazine in 2008. "I was forced to ask these really hard questions about myself: Is being a mother everything? Are you supposed to lose yourself in the process of being a mother? Now, of course, I am starting to see and understand how valuable it is for me to have an adult life apart from them."

Foster began acting at the age of three and one of her first gigs was as a diaper-clad toddler in a Coppertone commercial. Her breakout role was as a preteen prostitute in the 1976 film Taxi Driver opposite Robert DeNiro. In 1989 she won an Academy Award for Best Actress in her role as rape survivor in The Accused. In 1991, she starred in The Silence of the Lambs as FBI agent Clarice Starling, hunting for a serial killer played by Anthony Hopkins.

"I'm drawn to films about people who live these lonely, heroic journeys," she told Parade. She also stars in an directs the upcoming The Beaver, co-starring Mel Gibson about a man with a prescription hand-puppet.

Since it was widely reported at the time of her split from her long-time relationship that it was Foster who moved out and Bernard kept the house, it would seem that it is Bernard who has chosen to move on to a new abode now. The photos show that the house sits furniture-less.

Foster owns another five-bedroom Beverly Hills home above Sunset Strip that she purchased in 1995 from former model Cheryl Tiegs, reported the Real Estalker.

"People ask me if I missed anything by not having a normal childhood. The truth is, if I'd been an ambassador's daughter or grown up on a farm in Missouri, I wouldn't have had a normal childhood either. I had the only childhood I knew."

This living space of Jodie Foster's home shows it's not a teardown. See more photos.

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