FrontierVille: Oregon Trail trailer drops; all aboard the hype wagon

Today's two content leaks were hints, but now it's official: Zynga will soon release the first ever FrontierVille expansion, The Oregon Trail. According to the video, the Oregon Trail will be a weekly competition where players gather together on Conestoga Wagons and race to Fort Courage in Oregon for the highest score. Along the way, players will have to hunt in the wild, survive the elements and help their friends in their expeditions. The most exciting feature looks to be the social mission, where it appears that players will team up in real time to tackle obstacles like putting out a fire in the 100 Bucket Brigade. While this all sounds a little too much like Blue Fang's recent rerelease of the original The Oregon Trail, it's too early to tell how this will play out. Alright, we'll just say it: We're psyched!

[Video Credit: Zynga]

Are you as psyched as we are after watching the trailer? Which features are you most excited about? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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