FrontierVille Sneak Peek: The Oregon Trail Timed Goal, 'Oregon, Ho!'

FrontierVille's Orgeon Trail
You read that right, fellow pioneers. Zynga could be going all English Countryside on FrontierVille as early as May with the Oregon Trail expansion around the corner. FrontierVille Info found exactly how it will be introduced: a leaked Timed Goal known as "Oregon, Ho! (Or On the Trail)." You might have noticed how often the fan site has made predictions concerning the The Oregon Trail, and they've finally paid off. Check behind the break for details on how this mission might pan out.
Oregon Trail Ho Timed Goal
FrontierVille Info has found a few details on the new Timed Goal, but nothing has been confirmed by Zynga and its subject to change. The new Timed Goal will have players completing these three tasks:

  • Collect Nine Pages from the Medical Journal
  • Watch FronterVille's Oregon Trail Video
  • Collect Ten Snake Bite Kits

You can imagine that the pages from the Medical Journal and the 10 Snake Bites will be friend gifts or part of a larger mission, but what's most important is the second requirement. Soon, it appears that Zynga will release a trailer for the expansion, so you can imagine this is serious stuff. If this was just another content update, there would be no reason for the developer to release a trailer and force you to watch it--this expansion is going to be big.

While I would like to see something new, I can't help but expect this to be identical to FarmVille's English Countryside, but out West. FrontierVille Info reports that the Timed Goal will expire May 31, which points to the first or second week of May for this mission to release. Keep your fingers crossed that we're right.

[Image Credit: FrontierVille Info]

Do you think that this information is enough to expect that the Oregon Trail is coming soon? What do you think the new expansion will be like? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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