FarmVille Sneak Peek: Moat Bridge, King's Castle, Brown English Spot Rabbit

A new trio of unreleased item images have appeared for FarmVille today, with two of these items filling in the blanks seen in the massive set of moat items we brought you a sneak peek of just this week. Now, with this Moat Bridge, and the King's Castle, we'll clearly be able to build an entire medieval expanse on our land, and will be able to rest easy knowing that our imaginary citizens can walk to and from the castle safely, without falling into the deadly waters below (ok, so I guess no one says the waters have to be deadly, but it makes it more dramatic that way).

The third item is a brown recoloring of the English Spot Rabbit. We're assuming he will be called the Brown English Spot Rabbit, although there's no telling whether or not he will be released for the same cheap price as his predecessor, of it this will be yet another Farm Cash animal users will have to splurge on.

Either way, we'll make sure to bring you all of the news about these new items as they officially launch in the game, so keep checking back.

What do you think of these three new items? Let us know in the comments.