FarmVille Sneak Peek: Gift Box update coming soon?


In an update that just might be as fantastic as the recent upgrade to building material usage in FarmVille, it looks as though a "Gift Box 2.0" of sorts (Or would we be on 3 or 4.0 by now? Anyway...) will be launching in the game soon.

While the standard buttons appears to all be here - the Re-Gift, Sell, and Use buttons - the best part about this Gift Box redesign looks to be the inclusion of sub-categories, or tabs, that we'll be able to click on to sort our items, perhaps by theme, or by animal, building, and decoration type, just like we do in the game's marketplace.

While this could just be coincidental, it's also worth pointing out the quantities of these placeholder items (yes, all of which are apparently watering cans). If they are all available in quantities of 122, then that gives us the thought that perhaps an expanded Gift Box capacity will be coming with it. Either way, if you're an item saver, that tends to always hover around the 500 item cap (like I do), the new sorting ability will definitely be better than nothing.

[Via and image credit: FV Nation]

What do you think of the upcoming changes to the FarmVille Gift Box? Would you collect more items from your friends' news feed posts if the Gox Box limit was increased or removed entirely? How else would it affect your gameplay? Let us know in the comments.