FarmVille Let's Build feature allows for faster use of building materials

Remember how we were promised a new way (a quicker way) to complete our building projects in FarmVille, by simply being allowed to more quickly use each individual building ingredient we have in our Gift Box? Well, the time for that merciful change is now, as Zynga has released the "Let's Build!" feature in the game today.

To activate this mode, simply click "Use" on any building ingredient in your Gift Box. You'll then see your farm magically (ok, maybe not magically, but automatically) transform, showing you all of the buildings/items that currently need that particular ingredient highlighted in blue. As an example, I clicked on a Shovel in my Gift Box, and was then shown a bright blue outline around my Storage Cellar and my Duck Pond, as both need Shovels to expand.
Hovering over a building turns the outline from blue to orange, and your cursor changes to show you how many of that particular ingredient you can add. In keeping with my Shovel example, you can see that I have five Shovels in my inventory, and that my Duck Pond already has two of the Shovels it needs for its next expansion. I'd simply have to click on the Duck Pond one time for each of those five Shovels to be used. That is, one click per one ingredient, not one click to use every Shovel I have.

The same can be said for my Storage Cellar. What if I chose to use just one Shovel in my Duck Pond, and spend the other four in my Storage Cellar? I don't have to return to my Gift Box, I can simply navigate by clicking and dragging to the Storage Cellar on my farm and use some of my Shovels in it instead. It's an entirely seamless process. Once you choose your building ingredient, you can use it on as many, or as few building projects as you'd like. To disable the use of building ingredients (say I wanted to save some Shovels for another time), you'd just click back on the arrow in the bottom right corner of the screen, to reactivate the "multi-tool" as my cursor.

The best part of this entire setup? It works when using Watering Cans on Mystery Seedlings as well! No more clicking and waiting for each Watering Can to be used on a single seedling and waiting for the image to catch up. You can now grow a tree in less than ten seconds! I could literally cry tears of joy.

While the new building cursor may sound complicated in writing, in practice it saves so much time, as you don't have to use each ingredient, wait for the Gift Box menu to reappear, pick your ingredient, choose the proper building and so on and so forth. This is an absolute blessing for those users that like upgrading each and every project to their highest or greatest level, and I am personally so glad and thankful to Zynga for implementing it, even if it did take them a while do to. Better late than never, right?

Do you like the new building ingredient tool in FarmVille, or did you not mind using each ingredient individually via the Gift Box? Let us know in the comments.
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