Christian School Coach Arrested for Attempted Sex With Teen

job interview You'd think the coach of a Christian University women's volleyball team would know better than to find a teenager online, write dirty to her and then try to arrange a hook up, but that's exactly what 30-year-old Kyle James Kvasnicka of Laguna, California was busted for.

The women's volleyball coach at Concordia University Irvine, a well-known Christian university, has been arrested for allegedly finding a girl online who he thought was an underage teenager and trying to arrange a sexual liaison, according to a KDVR report. Authorities in Colorado are prosecuting, since it was a Colorado-based chat room where the exchanges began.

The official charges are 'Internet Luring of a Child,' according to the District Attorney's Office in Jefferson County, Colorado. The situation could have been part of a sting operation launched to crack down on sexual predators who stalk their victims on online. In these cases, it's the intention of the perpetrator to break the law, rather than the actual age or even gender of the intended victim in the chat room, which carries the weight.

Kvasnicka resigned from his position at Concordia immediately after being arrested. That was probably the best move he made since logging into the chat room.

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