Celebrate Your Office Support Staff on April 27

Support Staff Let's hear it for the office workers! They never seem to get the attention or respect they deserve. They may be working behind the scenes, but just try to find a successful business that gets by without their help.

And while experts report the economy is recovering, only 9 percent of administrative professionals believe they'll see an improvement in their salaries and benefits this year. The majority of office admins (76 percent) aren't too hopeful that the financial climate in their offices will improve.

That's why the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) has declared an Administrative Professionals Day on Wednesday, April 27. "We know everyone in the office has pulled together during the recession. With that in mind, we want to applaud the efforts of all office professionals," said IAAP President Mary Ramsay-Drow.

The celebration is happening in the nick of time. The recession seems to have left the spirits of the administrative professionals extremely low. In a recent IAAP survey, admins were asked about cuts their company implemented on its work force and if the coming year would be better. Of the 3,376 office workers that responded, 44 percent said employees' salaries were frozen with 10 percent noting that salaries were cut.

Not only that, but health benefits also hit the chopping block. Thirty-six percent of employees saw health benefits affected, with 14 percent seeing their health benefits eliminated and another 12 percent having to pitch in more of their paycheck to pay for benefits. Other benefits cut were: retirement plans (12 percent) and bonus pay (14 percent). Even holiday parties were eliminated with 36 percent missing their December dose of cheer.

What the survey also revealed is that respondents believe their benefits and salaries will either remain the same (45 percent) or be cut further (22 percent). Even though the recovery is picking up speed, workers doubt they'll see a benefit anytime soon, so the IAAP has declared April 27 as a day to buoy office administrative professional's spirit. Flowers? Cake? Lunch? Whatever it takes, just so they know they're appreciated.

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