Zynga shears illegal FarmVille Sheep Breeding, but the damage is done

English Sheep
English Sheep

Did any of you inherit an awesomely-colored Sheep from a friend recently while on the English Countryside? As it turns out, that ewe or ram could very well be the descendant of an illegitimate, unreleased Sheep in FarmVille, according to Zynga. The company published a blog post today describing the situation, but admitting that it's almost impossible to remove the offspring of the illegal Sheep even after stopping the source.

This is especially due to the fact that those new branches on the Illegal Sheep Family Tree are 100 percent legit, at least in their methods. Furthermore, Zynga cannot even explain how a few players got a hold of the previously unreleased Sheep varieties to breed them for the masses. "Please bear this in mind if you think someone has 'cheated,'" Zynga wrote. "Chances are, they haven't been."