Zynga drops the Flock: Social browser dies; developers join new team


Zynga--well, social gaming in general, but mostly Zynga--has had an incredibly disruptive effect on not just the gaming industry, but now on the information technology industry. Since the FarmVille creator bought Flock, the social browser, just this past January the 6-year-old team has, um, swarmed (did you see that terrible pun just miss me?) to Zynga offices. Officially, the site will go kaput on April 26, PCMag reports.

In fact, Flock specifically recommended that fans move on to popular browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Why? Because while Flock will still be available, it will no longer be monitored or updated after April 26, leaving it wide open for attacks from hackers as a gateway into your files. If you're even still using Flock, just take their word for it, please. It's sad to see such an ambitious, original piece of software go, but such is the massive crater social gaming has left in the tech world's side.

[Image Credit: Flock]

Were you a Flock fan? If so, how are you adapting to life without it now that Zynga has all but killed it? How much more do you think the social gaming industry disrupt in the tech world? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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