White iPhone 4 Is a Breath Away From a Spring Release

Apple is reportedly on the verge of releasing its long-awaited white iPhone 4 in the next few weeks, according to an article published by Bloomberg. The event would come after repeated delays that have spanned 10 months, during which many impatient consumers have stopped waiting and snapped up the black version instead.

Among the manufacturing hurdles that delayed the white iPhone 4 past the critical holiday selling season were problems getting its paint to stick to the device under heat, according to the article. After issues with the antennae of a earlier model, the last thing Apple (AAPL) needs is a recall of the latest device.

Now, despite three postponements, it appears a release of the white iPhone 4 will take place by the end of April. That would fit with comments made by an Apple executive last month. Apple's Phil Schiller, a senior vice president of marketing, tweeted: "The white iPhone will be available this spring (and it is a beauty!)."

One iPhone owner lamented earlier this month that the wait was not worth it. On an Apple discussion board, an Apple user named aeinthu said:

Don't wait for it. it won't [be] worth [it]. I have wasted last 6 months for waiting to get white iphone 4 and it never shows up.

i bought black iph4 last two weeks ago and it's perfect with pinky cover.

New iph generation will come next a few months later, why would you wait for the same specs with new color.
You may have a newly generations white iph for a few months

Meanwhile, buyers who are weighing the question of whether to snap up a white iPhone 4 in April or wait for the iPhone 5 to roll out in June under its traditional release cycle will likely face another dilemma. A few Wall Street analysts are saying that Apple's next generation smartphone won't be released until September, with the Bloomberg report citing one of the latest forecasts.

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