Social games will help Facebook become Facebank by 2015

Facebook Bank
According to Metal International founder and president Ken Rutkowski, social games will boost Facebook Credit sales and account holdings more than anything else on the platform, TechWorld reports. But that's not all, Rutkowski believes that thanks to social games, Facebook and its Credits platform could become the largest bank in the world by 2015. If you use the term loosely, he might have a point, but Rutkowski is completely serious. "Facebook will be the largest bank by 2015," Rutkowski said. "I hear you say 'how can they be a bank' what's going on?"

TechWorld reports that Rutkowski believes Facebook is already making deals with major, real banks to bring credit profiles to Facebook. Wait, that's still not outlandish enough for him:
In China and a lot of the Asian areas right now that is becoming a massive revenue source and that currency is going to start spreading and Facebook is doing deals with banks around the world right now to create an exchange mechanism. Why is its important to have a profile? They are going to start using that to determine what your credit worthiness is.
Did he just say that banks will use our Facebook profiles in replace of credit scores? So let's get this straight. Facebook shopping will be so widespread and ingrained into our culture in just four years that Facebook profiles will be used to gauge our eligibility to, say, get a loan? And it's all thanks to our rampant crop harvests in FarmVille spiking Facebook Credit sales?

While it's tough to dismiss his background--Rutkowski launches about 1 thousand companies a year through his Founders Institute in Los Angeles, Calif.--to say that Facebook will literally become an online-only bank through Facebook Credits in just four years is hasty. Though, I can't wait to see if he was right come 2015. I can see it now: "Facebank."

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What do you think of Rutkowski's outlandish predictions for Facebook and games? If you had a choice, would you want to do your banking through Facebook? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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