Playfish hires ex-Planet Moon Studios CEO Aaron Loeb as GM

Aaron Loeb
Aaron Loeb

Now that it's nabbing CEOs, EA must really want to catch up to and strangleZynga. The omnipotent gaming company's social game development arm Playfish, just hired former Planet Moon Studios CEO Aaron Loeb as general manager.

Loeb will do much of what he did at Planet Moon Studios: "development of original and brand-oriented social games as well as the rapid expansion of the studio," Playfish says. During his 10 years as overlord of the Moon (never thought I'd get to say that in my career), Loeb oversaw the sequel to Drawn to Life on Nintendo DS for Wii.

Most recently, he saw tie-in games for Disney film Tangled on both Nintendo consoles from start to finish. And for some trivia, Loeb was also the founding editor-in-chief of gaming news site UGO, so he has that all-too-unique advantage of experience on both ends of the industry. (Lightning Round: He also is an award-winning playwright. Awesome!) Now, with potential talent powerhouses like Loeb, it's time to see what EA can do to gain some steam.

[Image Credit: Playwrights Foundation]

Do you think this hire will help EA and Playfish gain lost ground in the epic battle against the might Zynga? How do you think Loeb's experience in the editorial world will help him at Playfish? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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