Now Hiring: Malibu is Looking for the Ultimate Outgoing Beach Bum

Getting paid to schmooze, wear flip-flops, soak up rays and party on the beach has got to be one of the greatest gigs of all time! Most people pay resorts big bucks for that privilege, but this summer, Malibu is paying $15,000 to an official "Radio Maliboom Boom Correspondent," who will travel cross country attending concerts, reporting from the road and interviewing celebrities.

This correspondent position was developed to find the MC for the Station Invasion Concert Tour presented by Radio MaliBoom Boom, a 10-city musical series aimed at bringing the spirit of the Caribbean from coast to coast. The Radio MaliBoom Boom Correspondent will MC the tour, introduce the musical acts and "rally the nation to get their island on-Malibu style."

Applications for the Radio MaliBoom Boom Correspondent are being accepted online through May 15; those interested must be 25 and over, fill out an application and submit a video "reel" that creatively showcases why they should be chosen, incorporating three key messages about Malibu.

Three finalists will attend training in Malibu's homeland of Barbados from June 20-23, 2011. The summer stipend for the Correspondent will be $15,000 -- and all the dancing they can handle.

Get more details on the Radio MaliBoom Boom Correspondent website. You can also receive more information by following Malibu on Twitter @Malibu_Rum.

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