FrontierVille Injured Critters: Waaaay too much of a good thing

players, I have an apology to make. When I complained about the lack of injured critter variety in FrontierVille back in March, I had no idea what was ahead. In the month+ since, we've seen the release of Black Deers, Spring Robins, Spring Bear Cubs, Mules, Spring Chinchillas, and even a Turtle to the game, all of which require time, effort, and lots of clicking to return to full health / lure out of their hole / break their shell. I never thought I'd say this, but it almost seems as though the system has gone too far the other way, at least in some respects.

Ok, so maybe I'm not personally responsible for the over-crowding of our land with Injured Critters, but it does bring up another discussion that Zynga should be having. While I'm all for (let me repeat - I greatly encourage) the critter variety in FrontierVille, it's more the quantity and simultaneous appearances of these animals on my land that has me down. Look at the screenshot above. That's my Homestead - a picture taken just a few moments ago. I haven't been saving up animals to write this story; I haven't purposefully ignored animals just to have something to complain about. These animals have all spawned on my land in less than 24 hours - the only one I'm missing is a Mule!I love these animals once they're full grown, as I love the ability to "harvest" them (generally) for great experience point and coin rewards, but the actual process of healing this many animals at once is overwhelming to say the least. It seems that I'm constantly asking friends for berries, blankets, or bottles to help these defenseless creatures, and while I'm glad that helping them also helps me earn the Veterinarian Badge, I often wonder when I (or my friends) will hit their breaking point with these item requests.

Now, I'm not saying that these animals need to be removed from the game. I'm not even saying that their "healing" requirements should change/lessen. The only thing that really needs to happen here, at least in my eyes, is to put a cap on how many of these animals you can have on your land at once. While I've never been in a situation where I have more than one of the exact same critter, with more than one critter requiring each healing item, that might as well be the case.

Hey Zynga, why not allow us to only have one injured critter at a time? Add more animal variety to the mix if you'd like, but know this - if I suddenly have to dedicate an entire corner of my land just to injured critters, you might force me into a rash decision. You really don't want to make us resort to abandoning these poor animals, do you?

What do you think of the overload of injured critters in FrontierVille? Do you dread seeing the green cross pop-up above a new animal, or are you a collector of these animals? Sound off in the comments.
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