FrontierVille: Free Elbow Grease goes a long way


While we may have gone a few weeks, or even a few months in FrontierVille without really needing to call on the powers of Elbow Grease (yes, the building ingredient) to get things done, times have changed my friends. These days, you'll need Elbow Grease to do all things from building the Ponderosa Lodge to repeatedly expanding your Storage Shed, making this an item that's in high demand, but pretty time-consuming to come by.

Whether you're allowed to ask for Elbow Grease individually from friends, or in a random post to your news feed (that very well might be ignored), wouldn't it be great to at least check off one of those Elbow Grease from your list for no effort? Apparently Zynga thinks so, as they're giving away a free Elbow Grease to all users that head to a particular link today, and today only. Hint: It's this big link right here.