FrontierVille Cheats and Tips: Finding Adobe Bricks

FrontierVille Jack Adobe Bricks
Another lengthy FrontierVille Goal series, another elusive item required to complete them. Since Zynga introduced the Ponderosa Lodge and Fancy Cabin to the game, many pioneers have been crying, "Where are the Adobe Bricks? I can't find them. Waaa!" While we doubt any of you cried like 7-year-olds, surely a good lot of you are frustrated, so here's how to find Adobe Bricks for both the Ponderosa Lodge and the Fancy Cabin.

Ponderosa Lodge:

Goal: A Man's Home is His Castle:

  • Collect 10 Throne Plungers
  • Have 500 wood
  • Plant 20 Sunflowers

Adobe BricksThis fourth and final Goal in the Ponderosa Lodge series will reward you with all 15 Adobe Bricks needed to complete the Lodge. Throne Plungers will be requested from friends through the quest's menu window. Having 500 Wood at the time is as easy as chopping down some trees. Planting 20 Sunflowers will cost you 6,200 coins total and take at least 18 hours to harvest. Do this and the Adobe Bricks are yours.

Fancy Cabin:

Goal: Granny's Rocker

  • Craft or have 4 Saltpeter
  • Craft or have 40 Planks
  • Tend 40 Cotton

Continuing the new trend, completing this final Goal in the Granny's Home series will reward you with all 20 Adobe Bricks for the Fancy Cabin. The 4 Saltpeter are obtained through the Manure Collection, which of course is completed by tending to animals and beating up varmints. The 40 Planks can be crafted in the Wagon for 7 Wood and 250 coins a piece, which will cost 280 Wood and 10 thousand coins total. The 40 Cotton will cost 24 thousand coins and take three days to harvest.

While it's going to take quite some time, this is how you'll find Adobe Bricks for both of the new buildings in FrontierVille. Happy manure hunting and tree chopping!

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