FarmVille Trees Sneak Peek: Oak Tree & Yew Tree


It seems that Zynga has really heard users that were clamoring for more realistic trees in FarmVille, as it appears that the next two trees to launch in the game will be the Oak Tree, and the Yew Tree; that is, if this newest set of unreleased images is to be believed (we have no reason to think that these items won't release, but remember nothing is official).

These two trees look to be "masterable," as there are two mastery signs to go along with them. Will they be released in the upcoming English Countryside theme? Most likely, so make sure to save up your Farm Cash so that you can afford to have these trees on both of your farms when the time comes (if you choose to buy more than one, of course).

Do you like the trend of realistic trees in FarmVille, or are you eagerly awaiting the release of more whimsical/make-believe trees in the future? Let us know in the comments.