FarmVille Sneak Peek: Royal Table, Sword in the Stone, Moat pieces & More


If you needed a confirmation that a new King Arthur / medieval theme would be coming to FarmVille in the future, then look no further. We've come across a whole slew of items that will allow you to build a moat, and then decorate your castle-themed area with tables, a blacksmith's shop, a large gate house, and even a magical sword trapped in stone.

The specific items are as follows: Moat I, Moat II, Moat III, Moat Left, Moat Right, Moat Bottom, Moat Top, Royal Table, Castle Gate House, the Sword in the Stone (may also be called Excalibur, or just a Sword Statue), and a Blacksmith Shed.

While there's no telling whether or not these items will be released as a separate theme, or just as part of the current English Countryside theme, I personally can't wait to turn my second farm in a medieval playground. We can only hope that castle building ingredients will be released along with this moat (don't worry, rumor has it that a bridge is being developed so we can cross this moat too), to make this an even more epic set of items than it already is.

What do you think of these new decorative items? Is there another sub-theme you would like to see released in the English Countryside instead? Let us know in the comments.