FarmVille Rio Promotion: Help out to receive Blu decoration and Rio Grow


While we've known that a Rio movie promotion would be launching in FarmVille in celebration of the film's launch in theaters on April 15, we didn't know when the promotion itself would launch. It turns out that that time is now, as upon your next login, you'll be asked to visit the Rio Farm and help Blu with his problem. You see, Blu doesn't know how to fly, so you'll be tasked with helping him learn. Don't worry - this isn't a complex set of classes, or really anything that can be considered "complex." Just click on the "Help Out" button and you'll receive two special items absolutely free.

The two items are a free Rio Grow - a Rio-themed bottle of Instant Grow for your crops, and an exclusive Rio Hang Glider decoration that can only be earned through this promotion. Both of these items will spawn into your gift box. Unlike the Frito-Lay Stand released just a few days ago, this Rio Hang Glider doesn't appear to add any sort of boost to your land, but it is an animated item that's pretty cool to look at, so I guess we really can't complain.

Have you participated in the Rio cross-promotion in FarmVille? There's no word on how long these free items will be available, so make sure to take advantage now while you know you still can.

Let us know what you think of this promotion in the comments. Would you rather see more themed farms pop up in the game?