FarmVille LE English Countryside Trees: White Willow Tree & Crack Willow Tree


While this may come as a shock to no one, considering that FarmVille updates have turned into a rather predictable affair lately, two new trees were added to the game this evening in the form of the White Willow Tree and the Crack Willow Tree.

The White Willow Tree is the cheaper of the two trees, being available for 5 Farm Cash (it also happens to be one of my favorite trees released recently), while the Crack Willow Tree costs 10 Farm Cash. The Crack Willow Tree is also available by simply purchasing the White Willow Tree, placing it in an Orchard, and then waiting for a Mystery Seedling to appear, granting you the Crack Willow when grown. Finally, remember that you can claim a friend's Mystery Seedling that may turn into a Crack Willow as well.

If you'd rather skip the "luck" element needed to get a Crack Willow Tree for free, you'll be able to purchase it, and the White Willow from the store directly for the next two weeks. As part of the game's limited edition English Countryside theme, they can be placed on either your Home Farm or your second farm in England depending on your choice.

What do you think of these two trees? Are you someone that likes to receive new trees only through Mystery Seedlings, or do you depend on store releases to stock your Orchards? Let us know in the comments.