FarmVille LE English Countryside Animals: White Thoroughbred, Modern Game Hen

Three new animals have been made available in FarmVille this evening, as part of the limited edition English Countryside item theme. Technically, only two of the items are available to purchase in the store, with these being the White Thoroughbred horse and the Modern Game Hen. We've known that both of these animals would be coming to the game for a few days now, but we didn't know their prices.

We do now, however, as the White Thoroughbred has been officially priced at 26 Farm Cash, while the Modern Game Hen is slightly cheaper at 20 Farm Cash. With the current exchange rate of purchasing Farm Cash, that puts the White Thoroughbred at a price of more than $5.50 US, if you simply purchased the 25 Farm Cash pack and had one left over. That's a definitely splurge for a single animal in the game, but remember, by placing the White Thoroughbred in your Horse Stable, you'll have a chance of breeding the White Thoroughbred Foal, which can be shared with friends.

Both of these adult animals will be available to purchase in the store for the next two weeks. Items in the English Countryside theme may be releasing on a very quick schedule, but that means that they're also expiring from the store in the same high quantities. It can be easy to lose track of items in the group, so make sure you shop for the ones you want before they're gone!

Will you purchase either of these animals for your farm, or is $5+ too much to ask for a single horse? Let us know in the comments.
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