FarmVille Animal Sneak Peek: Black Shire Horse, Mountain Goat, Robin Hood Duck & More

Can we say unreleased animals? I hope we can, because we've been overwhelmed by the huge amount of animals that will apparently be launching in FarmVille in the near future. While some of these animals look to be a part of the upcoming Mystery Game, others look to introduce a new sub-theme within the English Countryside limited edition item theme currently in the game.

The new animals, from left to right in the image at the top of this post, are the Black Shire Horse, Black Shire Foal, Mountain Goat, Wolverine, Robin Hood Duck, Gypsy King Horse, Gypsy King Foal, Pastel Purple Ewe, Pastel Green Ewe, Sonoran Pronghorn Deer (an endangered species), Burrowing Owl, and California Condor.

Note: We think the final two animals will likely be decorations, rather than actual animals, so plan ahead for that outcome.

As you can see, the sub-theme looks to be something along the lines of Robin Hood, or perhaps even King Arthur. There are other unreleased decorations which put further backing behind a potential medieval theme, so we'll make sure to keep a close eye on things and let you know when and if these animals start to become available.

In the meantime, let us know which of these animals you like most in the comments. Are you looking forward to a Knights of the Round Table-esque theme in FarmVille, or do you like these other animals more? Let us know in the comments.